About Us

My amazing family: Asher, Katie, Landon, and Gemma

We are a family of five who’s now lived in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area for over 8 years. Pete and Katie experienced some loss over the past few years that included both of Pete’s parents and Katie’s older brother. Those losses combined with a yearning for something more, an awakening of sorts, and some specific signs and omens led us on our current journey. We now homeschool our two boys, Landon (11) and Asher (5), and daughter, Gemma (4). While it’s been quite a transition and a bit of trial and error, we like the concept of controlling their education and learning.

A shamanic healing session and an eagle that disappeared in thin air were the biggest omens that led Katie and Pete on their own spiritual journeys. Our respective experiences have been amazing and at times almost unbelievable, but entirely life changing. These life changing experiences have led us to flip our lives upside down and decide to move to Costa Rica. Why Costa Rica? Well, for one, why not? But really it provides opportunities for Katie to pursue the final major piece to her well-rounded puzzle, her massage therapy license, as well as for Pete to pursue his once-thought pipe dream of writing.

Pete was born in Green Bay, is a West Point graduate and former Army Officer, and met Katie while living (and golfing) in Jacksonville, Florida. Katie was born in Missouri about an hour south of Saint Louis, has a degree in Psychology, is Yoga Teacher Training certified, and met Pete while living (and working at a golf course) in Jacksonville. We were pretty young when we met, as Katie was just 18 and Pete a mere 13 and a half years older. A year of courting and and one of engagement found us standing at the altar saying, “I do.” Now here we are 12.5 years, 3 kids, and 9 moves later ready to embark on our biggest journey yet.

Me, Gemma, Katie, and Asher