Blog 1: The Choice

If you’ve read our bio you already know that we had arrived at a bit of a crossroads. If you haven’t read it, please feel free to do so. Katie and I both had a yearning in our hearts, our souls, for something much greater. But how do we find and follow that? Looking back, I can honestly say that I never found fulfillment in anything I’ve done career-wise. While I can’t say I was miserable, I definitely always felt like something was missing, like something was a bit off. It was just a blah kind of feeling with all of my jobs, no excitement. So combine that with my newfound spiritual journey and I began to feel a very strong yearning toward something different, something better, something that I craved, something that spoke to my innermost being, my higher self, my soul.

Katie was back from her 2-week Yoga Teacher Training in Cape Cod. She had always wanted to be trained in Massage Therapy, and while in Cape Cod her YTT instructor recommended that she do so because many states require a license to touch for any yoga teachers who physically adjust the position of anyone in their classes. She began her usual deep internet dive to look at all her options and timeline for obtaining a massage therapy license. And let me tell you, if Katie wants to know or learn about something she will dive so deep into research that I swear she found a back door to another internet within the internet. But even after all her research nothing reasonable looked that ideal and appealing. It would take a couple years to complete her training with her only being able to go part-time due to her being a superhero stay-at-home-mom/home school teacher. Needless to say, after a couple days of searching she was feeling a little defeated.

My two favorite angels, Katie and Gemma, taking a break with some much needed yoga.

Then the next morning she opened her phone, clicked on the Facebook app, and low and behold there was an ad for a massage therapy school. The algorithms were clearly hard at work. But instead of being an ad for a local school or a prominent US-based training program, it was for a school in Costa Rica. A light went off. While at YTT, she was a part of several conversations about Costa Rica. Her instructor lives there and others in the class had also traveled there. While the stories were mostly amazing, there were some turn-offs such as tarantulas, scorpions, bullet ants, mosquitos, and howler monkeys that wake you up at 4:00 in the morning. She had thought at the time that it sounded like a great place to visit at some point, but never considered moving there. And then this random ad. Something tugged at her.

She spent some time scouring the school’s website and really liked what she saw and read. She still looked at it as more of a pipe dream at this point, but we discussed it a bit further when I got home from work. My first thought was why not. So we started having one of our run-of-the-mill lottery winning type daydreams about what it would be like to move down there and live in what we were now optimistically assuming was paradise. We decided to go ahead and at least request some additional information. What’s the worst that could happen? We find out that the school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? We find out that it’s way too expensive (which for us everything is too expensive quite frankly)? So, request made. Within 24 hours of requesting additional information, Katie received a call from someone in admissions. After a mildly lengthy conversation, she was even more intrigued as it truly seemed to be an excellent opportunity. She was told that if she wanted to be considered for the class beginning in January 2020, she would need to submit an application and conduct an interview through the school. It was all moving pretty fast at this point, but after further discussion we decided that we might as well at least go through the application process. There was no guarantee that she would get accepted into the program anyway. Within a couple days, the application was submitted and she set up an interview appointment via email.

Katie filling out her CRSMT application

The interview went really well, or at least did so from Katie’s perspective anyway. About a week after that she was formally accepted into the program. Holy shit that snowballed quickly! So here we are at the biggest crossroads of our life. Do I quit my job? We’re a single income family, mind you. Do we pay $17,000 for her schooling? Fully furnished rentals run between $2500-$3000 in our price range, and I use price range very loosely. We would have to sell the house. We did the landlord thing once before and it was a terrible 3-year ordeal that included many late rent payments, lots of nickel-and-dime repairs, and then an $11,000 tab at the end to fix the place up before we could sell it. NOT doing that again. We would also have to sell or donate probably half of our stuff. We would need to put the rest in storage so we don’t have to totally start over after Costa Rica. This isn’t an easy decision. What would the future hold for us? Are we crazy for even considering it? I don’t drink very often, but I think I need one now.

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